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The Flexure furniture idea was conceived in 1994 when commissioned to build a bench on which to sit and hold a drink. Out of this need to combine seat and surface came two small curved tables that would fit together as one; one with a cushion, one with a glass top. Over the years, while working with this concept other pieces were designed; a dining table that could seat as few as two or as many as ten, chairs designed to serve as individual seating or when combined can become a bench. Three years ago these ideas formalized into a line of furniture that would be extremely functional and accommodate open format and smaller spaces with fluid lines and figured woods.


“Shaker furniture was my inspiration and my teacher.”

David Margonelli began making furniture on his farm in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine in 197l, while breeding sheep, bailing hay and raising two daughters. The shop was moved to its current location on the River Road in Edgecomb in 1984.

Inspired by the rigorous pragmatism of Shaker furniture, his designs began to reflect his Scandinavian and Italian heritage evolving into sinuous forms crafted one at a time from luminous hardwoods.

The flexure concept of combing pieces leads back to the simplicity of Shaker lines, the only adornment – the grain of the wood, as if creating 21st century Shaker.

Custom Services

Many of our best new designs have been a result of interaction with a client. Our small shop makes it relatively easy to adapt our pieces to individual needs. We can customize dimensions to make a piece fit into a particular place, change the interior of a cabinet replacing shelves with drawers and can use glass instead of wood paneled doors.

We enjoy discussing a clients specific needs and designing new solutions to a particular interest.

About Wood

The color of cherry darkens and warms with age.

All the wood we use: cherry, maple and walnut is harvested under sustainable forest management practices. Finished samples are available upon requests.

Real wood is hydroscopic, it changes with humidity. It expands and contracts in width, but not in length. Our furniture is designed using ‘frame and panel’ construction. The frame is rigid and the panels are allowed to expand and contract. This method of construction with dovetail and mortise and tenon joinery ensures the integrity of the structure for generations.

Every board is hand selected. Each piece will be built with the same grain and pattern. The curves are achieved by sawing boards into thin layers, then gluing them back together in the desired shapes. These laminates are stable and stronger than if they were cut from a single piece of wood. Many pieces feature figured woods that occur rarely in few trees. Grain patterns form developmentally or in reaction to growth conditions and result in unique patterns.

Finish and Details

Out of reverence for beautiful and rare wood grains the finish we use is a mixture of oils and varnish that penetrate and harden. Three coats are applied and hand rubbed bringing out the natural beauty of the wood and providing excellent water resistance. We employ no stains, there is a natural softening of tone and mellowing of color over time. Unlike varnish, which sits on top of the wood, our finish lies within the wood. This distinction means that if a piece is dented, it may be steamed out and repaired.

Care of Finish

If you spill water, wipe it up.

If the water stays on overnight, leave it alone, allow spot to dry.

The grain in the wood will roughen to the touch. We provide 0000 steel wool, to very lightly soften rough spots. We also provide a satin wax finish that is applied to the area of the spot. This mixture can also be used to maintain and brighten the furniture, restoring its original lustre. For other finish problems, please call us.

Gliders and Catches

All our furniture is mounted on gliders or castors. We have special locking catches that are designed to lock table components or a series of chairs together, when used in multiple configurations.

Glass Inserts

Removable glass inserts are .25″ plate with polished edges. We provide a special suction device to easily remove the glass.

Leather and Fabric

Leather and/or fabric can be chosen by the customer. We can provide leather samples and the yardage requirement necessary to complete your piece. Any interior decorator or fabric store will have numerous samples that you may purchase and ship to us. Feel free to call us with any questions.

Wood Samples

We are happy to provide you with samples of finished wood upon your request.

Ordering and Delivery

Please call or email us with any questions. We are happy to discuss your ideas, requirements or order. Upon ordering, we ask for a 35% deposit and we will discuss delivery date and shipping/ delivery options. At times we can personally deliver to your door.

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