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29 x 20 x 43 individual cupboard
32 x 22 x 75 cupboard on cabinet
44 x 22 x 75 two cupboards on two cabinets
Corner cupboards placed on top of Corner cabinets can create more storage. With glass shelves and doors they make a perfect display case. Two cupboards combined make a display statement.

39 x 21.5 x 54.5
With an S shaped footprint, one side is designed to hang clothing and is deeper. With no size requirement, the drawer side is shallow so the wardrobe could appear smaller. Comes with adjustable wood shelves and hanging rod. Glass insert on top.

35 x 17 x 46 cupboard top

35 x 15 x 46 display cabinet top
33 x 17 x 78 storage cabinets combine with top
66 x 17 x 78 convex and concave cabinets with two tops
These pieces are tops that can be added to the convex and concave bases. The convex cupboard with wooden doors and adjustable wooden shelves provides storage of things you?d prefer ?out of sight,? whereas the glass doors and four shelves afford the opportunity to display items.

The cabinets are fitted with gliders and can combine to make a breakfront.

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